There are many common skin problems that affect patients in Phoenix. These can range from mild irritations to quite serious diseases. In some cases, common skin problems that affect the skin can be hazardous to your health or even life-threatening if left untreated. These include: Acne: Acne is an
Dermatology is a medical specialty. Like traditional health care, most services a dermatologist offers are covered by insurance. Coverage for dermatology services can vary from policy to policy. The guideline insurance companies use to determine whether they will pay for a service or not is medical necessity. To be
The Verju laser system, also known as body contouring laser treatment, is a simple, non-invasive procedure to painlessly reduce inches and remove stubborn body fat. Verju is among the best laser body contouring treatments available. The Verju method is safe and effective; it requires no needles, no incisions and
While the majority of moles are harmless, it’s best to have them checked regularly for any unusual signs. Dermatologists routinely check moles during skin examinations. Mole checks are simple and straightforward and allow your dermatologist to evaluate any changes in your moles. In most cases, the mole check process
Are you suffering from hair loss? Thinning hair? Baldness? At The Center for Advanced Dermatology in Phoenix, we offer a simple treatment to help stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is suitable for both men and women. It is a natural, non-surgical procedure that uses
Wrinkles are creases, folds or ridges that form on the surface of the skin, most commonly with age. As we get older, inevitable results of the natural aging process cause noticeable changes to our face and bodies. Skin gets thinner and drier and loses elasticity that was once beneficial
A double chin is defined as a roll of fatty skin that is situated beneath your chin that makes it appear as if you have two chins, hence the name, double chin. This can be caused as a part of the natural aging process, genetics or a response to
A mole (nevus) is a pigmented (colored) spot on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Moles can be round, oval, flat or raised. They can occur singly or in clusters on any part of the body. Most moles are brown, but colors can range from pinkish flesh tones
Few of us are lucky enough to have smooth, flawless skin. Maintaining a youthful, clear complexion gets even more difficult as we age—our skin begins to show the effects of sun damage, habits such as smoking or tanning, and the natural aging process. Laser skin resurfacing can improve the
Excess fat under the chin is a common complaint among patients in Phoenix, affecting people of all ages. Submental (under the chin) fat is commonly called a double chin. It can impact the lines of the neck and jawline, add years to your appearance, and make a person who