Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair. It is normal to lose a hundred to 125 hairs every day.  If you see bald patches, lots of thinning, or lots of hair in your shower or on your floor, you may be experiencing excessive hair loss, or alopecia. First you need to see a dermatologist to establish the cause for hair loss. There are many treatable medical conditions that can be easily resolved or controlled.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Stress; also called Telogen Effluvium
  • Inherited male or female pattern hair loss
  • Seborrhea or psoriasis
  • Allergies or atopic dermatitis
  • Chronic diseases

Treatment/Solutions for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a unique non-surgical treatment option for thinning hair or mild hair loss. After drawing your blood, the plasma is separated from the red blood cells and activated to create fibrin matrix that is injected according to a specific protocol. PRP contains your own growth factors that stimulate the collagen production and cell proliferation in the treated areas. Dr. Holy will inject the solution into the area of the scalp where hair has become noticeably thinner.  THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology is one of the first groups in Phoenix to offer PRP.  Dr. Adriana K. Holy is a national speaker and trainer with expertise in the many uses of PRP.

Prescription medications for medical conditions.

Hormonal evaluation and treatment.

To learn more about treatments for hair loss contact THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Holy.