Wart Treatment

Warts are unslightly growths on the outer layer of skin caused by viruses found in the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. They are formed by cells that grow on the skin after the virus has come in contact with HPV through a break in the skin. They often occur on the hands but can also form on the feet or other parts of the body or face.

Frogs Get a Bad Rap

You cannot get a wart from a frog or toad! Warts can be spread from person-to-person with direct contact as well as from objects that have been touched by a person with a wart.

Treatment for Warts

Even though they are harmless; if left untreated, warts can spread on your hands, body or face causing physical and emotional discomfort. It is important to take measures to eliminate the wart as soon as possible.

If over-the-counter methods such as salicylic acid or freezing solutions do not help reduce your wart, Dr. Holy can provide fast-acting treatment options:

  • Freezing techniques
  • Burning techniques
  • Prescription medication to boost immunity

How to Prevent Warts

The HPV virus is invisible to the naked eye and can be virtually anywhere. Your best option to prevent warts is by washing your hands regularly and trying to avoid getting cuts or breaks in your skin. Without an easy access point, the virus will have a much harder time of invading your body.

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