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The latest customized treatment packages for  MEN!

THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology has a menu of aesthetic services designed specifically for men. Men have unique needs: the skin is thicker and heavier and the shape of a man’s face is different. We understand issues need to be addressed differently in men and women, so we created packages tailored specifically for men. Men don’t tolerate downtime and don’t want complex skin care regimen; they want simple plans, preferably with oral supplements, that deliver results.

Men need to look young, energetic and rested in order to fulfill their potential on the job. Men are concerned about the tired look of the eyes (our July’s Eyes Special is perfect for them!). Also lines on the forehead and weakness in the chin and jaw create a look of vulnerability, which has adverse impact on business relationships. A strong jaw is helpful in allowing a man to look more masculine, competitive and strong.

Hair loss is a common predominantly male problem that contributes to a more aged look. Did you know the stem cells for the miniaturized hair follicles in pattern hair loss are still there? “Sleeping” hair follicles can be reawakened with PRP to a level comparable to that in youth. PRP is a simple injection procedure with minimal downtime. Patients will be assessed to assure that the magnitude of hair loss is appropriate for care at THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology.

For the tired look, Botox is a quick and easy solution. The pattern for treatment for men is different than it is for women and at THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology we understand that the goal of the man is to look strong and decisive. We plan masculine treatment patterns to completely resolve the furrows between the eyebrows, which can be associated with concern and or anxiety and can be a dead giveaway when negotiating business deals.

Men are also bothered by the bags and recession around the eyes that also contribute to the appearance of being tired. Fillers can be injected into this area to rejuvenate the eyes without need for surgery. The other great area for filler treatment in men is treatment of the chin and jaw skeleton. In the aging process, the bones shrink and the skin starts to sag. With simple injections that youthful strong-willed jaw can be recreated. Please see the before and after book in our office to see how men can look 10 years younger in the span of a one-hour treatment period with minimal down time.

Finally men also need resurfacing. Age spots, sunspots, dilated pores, keratoses, and pre-cancerous spots are a function of years of sports in the sun and dramatically contribute to that older appearance. Our Signature AKH Acid Peel peels away the age spots and pre-cancerous spots, builds collagen and elastin, and leave skin stronger and healthier. This helps to decrease the risk of cancer and the number of resulting surgeries associated with skin cancer, in addition to an improved smoother even complexion.

• HAIR GROWTH PACKAGE FOR MEN – Package of three treatments of PRP scalp injections 5-6 weeks apart.
• Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Vitamins
• Adrenal Life Force and the Men’s Sexual Health Package
• Skin Care Package
• Xeno Bioforce and Bio-Omega 3
• Bio-A Curcumin Phytosome

Aesthetic Only Consults are complimentary with Linda.

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