Dermatologists tackle many chronic, long-term problems: psoriasis, eczema, and acne all require long-term treatment and usually long-term prescriptions. Frequently, after a medication is decreased or discontinued, because nothing has been fundamentally changed, the problem recurs. At THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology, we want our patients to be cured. We want them to be completely asymptomatic, free of rashes and eruptions, and off medication before we are satisfied we have achieved our goal. For this we developed the TRUE Health approach.

Through the TRUE Health program, a new balance is achieved in the body and patients can discontinue their medications and achieve optimal health. TRUE Health begins with the laboratory analysis of the patient’s nutritional status, hormonal status, GI tract status, and food allergies. Tests are recommended based on the patient’s history and complaints, though the full panel is highly recommended and insightful. Once those results are analyzed, a dietary plan that resets the metabolism and repairs the GI tract is created. Blood and urine tests are used to monitor the status of the GI tract on an ongoing basis. Nutritional logging and blood tests help evaluate the patient’s current diet as prepared in their own kitchens, so results are sustainable on an ongoing basis and not just a temporary fix. Weight loss may be the happy side effect of this plan, as patients begin to understand how their bodies react to food. This is a unique service offered by THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology. It may be an alternative to adjunctive to conventional medical care, and we believe TRUE Health to be the medicine of the future.

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