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Aging skin is the bread and butter of the dermatologist. Please take our online quiz and email it in and we will return your confidential reply within one week. Response is from Dr. Holy’s Aesthetic Assistant. You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss options as well. Please be advised that Dr. Holy performs all injections and the high-level lasers herself.

Aging skin has multiple components: sunspots and age spots; or fine/lines or wrinkles, or the “tired look” of the face. These components as well as the tone, texture, and the geometry of the face create an impression that is youthful, energetic, and capable, or, conversely, sad, tired, and old.

A great skin care routine is essential to maintain youthful skin on a long-term basis, as well as to maintain results after an advanced treatment. We offer a full menu of Advanced Skin Care Packages. Please see our discussion of the differences between Over-The-Counter and Professional Products vs department store products (link).

Great skin care prevents further damage and maintains good skin but skin care products alone are sometimes too slow. For quick results; in time for weddings, reunions, special birthdays and other special dates when we need sun damage and aging to be undone virtually immediately. We offer a full menu of different treatment solutions to improve the appearance of your skin. Based on the questions to your quiz we can arrange appropriate appointments so you can achieve your goals as expeditiously as possible.

Aging Skin Quiz

The treatment of aging skin is the bread and butter of the dermatologist. There are multiple different components to aging skin. Take the following online test, and send us your results. We will work to find the optimal, cost-efficient, and time-efficient solution to your problem.

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Phone number, if you wish to receive a call from Linda:_____________________

1) The surface of your skin.

  1. Is your skin wrinkled? If wrinkled, circle the one that best describes: mild, moderate or severe.
  2. Is the skin supple and moist with good thickness?    Yes     No
  3. Is it flat dry and dull?     Yes     No
  4. Do you have spots on your skin?     Yes     No
  5. Are those spots thick and warty with some surface texture?     Yes     No
  6. Do you have spots that are flat and smooth?     Yes     No
  7. Do you have any pink spots that are rough?     Yes     No
  8. Have you ever been told you have pre-cancer spots?     Yes     No
  9. Do you have any red spots that look like little blisters?     Yes     No
  10. Do you have any dilated blood vessels?     Yes     No
  11. Has a doctor ever told you you have rosacea?     Yes     No
  12. Do you have any little white or yellow bumps?     Yes     No
  13. Do you have acne or eczema or any other medical diagnosis on your face?     Yes     No
  14. Is your skin light, medium, or dark colored? (Please circle one)
  15. Do you burn or do you tan easily (Please circle one)

Skin type test.

2) The geometry of your skin.

  1. Do you have wrinkles on your forehead?     Yes     No
  2. Do you have the number 1, the number 11, or the number 111 between your eyebrows?_____________
  3. Do you have deep nasolabial folds?     Yes     No
  4. Do you have marionette lines around the corners of your mouth extending down onto the chin?     Yes     No
  5. Do you have jowls?     Yes     No
  6. Do your eyes look tired?     Yes     No
  7. Do people ask if you feel tired when you do not?     Yes     No
  8. Do you have dark circles?     Yes     No
  9. Do you have deep circles?     Yes     No

3) The movement of your skin

  1. Do you develop frown lines between your eyebrows when you are concerned?     Yes     No
  2. Do you have crow’s-feet at the corners of your eyes?     Yes     No
  3. Do the corners of your mouth turn down?     Yes     No
  4. Do you have horizontal lines across your forehead?     Yes     No


To learn more about ways to reduce the appearance of aging skin in Phoenix, Arizona, contact THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Holy.

Aesthetic Only Consults are complimentary with Linda.

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