Chemical peels effectively treat a host of skin problems including acne, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. In Phoenix, Dr. Holy applies a chemical formula to the face, removing the damaged outer layer of skin and resulting in softer, smoother skin underneath. Most procedures take less than an hour to perform with minimal discomfort during the treatment.

There are several types of chemical peels offered today which allows Dr. Holy to find the best formula for your specific needs. Some of the most common include:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – Alpha hydroxy acids, also known as AHAs, are one of the most popular ingredients in a mild chemical peel. Glycolic acid is the most common AHA used for this purpose. AHA peels rarely need any sort of anesthetic to perform and the discomfort during and after the procedure is minimal. This peel is typically used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, smooth rough skin and produce a more even skin tone.

Trichloroacetic Acid – Trichloroacetic acid is the most common ingredient found in medium chemical peels. This substance can successfully treat a host of skin imperfections including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scarring. Most patients do not require anesthesia during the procedure, although over the counter pain medications may be needed for a day or two afterward to reduce the stinging sensation that can sometimes occur. TCA chemical peels usually take about a week to recover from and the results are much more dramatic than lighter peels can offer.

Phenol – Phenol is the substance of choice for deep chemical peels. In addition to treating skin imperfections, this type of chemical peel may be used to remove precancerous growths or completely diminish deep wrinkles. Because the formula works more deeply than other types of chemical peels, most phenol peels involve a local anesthesia during the procedure and pain medication afterward.

The right type of chemical peel for you will depend on your unique skin needs and the results you are hoping for. Contact The Center for Advanced Dermatology at 602-867-7546 or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Holy.