The art of exfoliation transforms dull and dead skin to unveil radiant and glowing skin. Exfoliation consists of 2 different methods and choosing the right exfoliant for your skin. Exfoliation is classified by the mechanisms of action: either chemical or physical exfoliation. While the skincare goal is the same, chemical exfoliation involves the use of specific enzymes or acids (such as alpha hydroxy acids & beta hydroxy acids) to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells and physical exfoliation involves the use of granular substances and sometimes tools to slough off dead skin cells.

You can perform both chemical and physical exfoliation on the skin at home but depending on your needs you may want to leave deep exfoliation, especially of the chemical variety, to a trusted dermatologist at THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology. At home chemical exfoliants should be patch tested on the skin before full use and contain gentle, low concentrations of acid to be sure it is suitable for your skin. Using too high concentrations can cause sensitivity or irritation to the skin. Chemical exfoliators that come in the form of pads or masks are a good place to start if you have never used such products before. Chemical exfoliators contain the choice of 2 chemicals: AHAs, alpha hydroxy acids, or BHAs, beta hydroxy acids. AHAs include glycolic acid (for hyperpigmentation), lactic acid (for sensitive skin, dryness, and fine lines), and mandelic acid (for acne-prone skin). The most common ingredient in BHA is salicylic acid, best used for oily or acne-prone skin or complexions with dark spots and discolorations. For at home physical exfoliation, select mild exfoliants with fine granules and use them on the skin in gentle circular motions. Some people like to use a soft-bristle brush or silicone device for a deeper cleanse.

After clearing away dead and dry skin with exfoliation, enjoy the refreshing benefits that include unclogging pores, preventing acne, evening skin tone, increasing collagen production, boosting circulation & lymph drainage and prepping the skin so that moisturizers, serums and other skincare products can deeper penetrate the skin to keep it happy and healthy. Be cautious not to over-exfoliate and limit this step in your skincare routine to 1-3 times per week as necessary. Skin sensitivity, skin type and skin issues you are looking to correct will ultimately determine which type of exfoliation is best for you. Many people find that a combination of both chemical and physical exfoliation provides a balanced approach to achieving the best skin possible.

To know which exfoliants will give you your desired results, request a skin assessment at THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology by calling 602-867-7546. For a list of services for youthful, beautiful skin visit WEBSITE. Exfoliation is a pain free, often relaxing, form of self-care that is an overlooked step in a successful skin care regimen. THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology can customize a skin care system that will rejuvenate the skin by unlocking the secret combination you have been looking for to give you brighter, clearer and healthier skin.