I have been a patient at Dr. Holy’s for the last year.  I am also a salon owner in Phoenix of an award winning salon for over 25 years.  In our industry you are trained to look at anything suspicious on the head.  Hairstylists are the only ones that really get a good view of the scalp on a regular basis.  At cosmetology school they  discuss a bit of what to look for as far as suspicious moles go.  I have had a few customers that I have pointed out suspicious moles and they have held off from seeing a doctor and then to finally go and find out it is cancer.
The reason why I am writing this is because Dr. Holy has your back …literally : ).  She looks for anything that may be changing and removes it.  This is what you want.  You do not want to be the person who waits until it is cancer and THEN you take it off.  She is doing her job by getting it off early.  So if she takes something off and it comes back negative lucky you…but I am sure it was moving into something.  She has detected early stage cancers on many of my clients and has helped them greatly.
Dr. Holy is a Harvard grad with a huge emphasis on the healthiest approach to looking beautiful and staying beautiful.  She will recommend products that are organic and pure and tell you about the prescription too and give you options.  In my industry you see a lot of Dermatologists and in my opinion Adriana Holy is possibly the best in the Valley.