Even though the skin is the largest organ of the body and skin diseases have been linked to general medicine for centuries, dermatology as a specialty has only been recognized as recently as the late 18th century. Transformation and advancements in techniques, research and technology have only continued to evolve to diagnose, treat and eradicate skin conditions as well incorporate a vast array of therapeutic, diagnostic and aesthetic resources. Dermatologists can identify just about everything related to hair, nails and skin. Looking back can provide perspective on just how far we have come in the field of dermatology. Skin stories from history including famous skin conditions throughout the ages, provide an overview of the representation of dermatological issues that have plagued humanity. Driven by scientific fortitude, patients worldwide have options for their best skin possible in the 21st century. 

Historical archives will show that people of the past had many of the same frustrations regarding their skin as people do today. When you think of skin diseases of long ago, leprosy may be the first that comes to mind. An infectious disease that causes disfiguring sores and nerve damage all over the body, leprosy has existed since ancient times. While it is largely considered a disease of long ago, although rare now, some people still find themselves infected with the disease. But good news, it can be cured with a simple antibiotic treatment. The top skin conditions in our modern day were also famous skin conditions years ago; these include acne, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and skin cancer. Antibiotic treatments, usually coupled with other therapies or surgery, have been proven to eliminate these skin conditions or, at a minimum, alleviate their worst symptoms. 

The use of genes, viruses, cells, good bacteria, high-potency corticosteroids, laser treatments as well as technological advancement in magnifying the visual structures of the skin to distinguish levels of development of a skin condition, is only skimming the surface of new innovations in the treatment of the skin. Transformative change is due to understanding skin stories from history as well as further exploration, personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, therapeutic modalities and digital health technologies to improve patient care. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best in their own skin. The future of dermatology is linked to its historical roots. While some famous skin conditions throughout the ages remain, the approach to them has changed for the better. 
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