It is estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from acne every year, 25% are left with permanent scarring. Acne is the most common skin condition and affects 80% of adolescents. According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology there are a variety of ways to treat acne scarring. These methods include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, radio frequency, punch techniques, fat transplantation, skin needling, stem cell therapy and laser treatment. Skin resurfacing for acne scars can be treated in a variety of ways, but laser treatment is one of the most effective and increasing popular solutions due not only to technology but the body’s natural way of healing itself by replacing the scarred tissue with clear, healthy skin cells.

The newest forms of laser skin resurfacing for acne scars offer a safe and effective way to visibly reduce or eliminate acne scarring. Lasers pulse intense light or heat into the skin, penetrating it layer by layer, removing damage. This very precise and targeted form of treatment allows the skin’s natural healing process to produce more collagen, regenerate skin cells and shed damaged tissue, causing the skin to rejuvenate itself. Laser treatment options to resurface skin for acne scars are categorized as ablative or non-ablative fractional laser treatment. 

Ablative laser treatment for resurfacing acne scars carefully removes the top layer of skin, known as the epidermis, by heating the skin as the tissue breaks apart. This option works similarly to a chemical peel. Patients will generally have to wait about 7-10 days before seeing results but usually only one treatment is needed, and the results are permanent. For this reason, ablative procedures are also described as more aggressive and penetrative versus non-ablative. Non-ablative treatments heat up the underlying skin tissue to promote collagen production. Because this option does not remove skin, recovery is mild. Patients desiring the non-ablative option for less aggressive, more shallow acne scarring may require multiple treatments for desired results. 

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