Beautiful Skin Vitamins: Xeno Bioforce and Bio-Omega

Why do age spots occur? Conventional medicine does not have an answer to this puzzling question. It is clear that since age spots are found predominantly in sun exposed areas, including the face, hands, arms, and chest, the sun plays a role in their appearance. In patients with complete sun-protected areas, the skin is in amazingly perfect condition, even at an advanced age. The sun has three effects on the skin: First, it alters and damages the DNA in the upper and lower layers of the skin. Second, it penetrates more deeply and damages collagen and elastin fibers and alters the inflammatory mediators in the dermis. Third, perhaps most importantly, it suppresses the immune system in the skin. There is now a new understanding that other toxins and pollutants in the environment also have an adverse effect on the skin as well, since companies are adding anti-pollution ingredients to their skin care products.
At THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology we acknowledge the known causes of aging, and offer the highest quality physician level topicals available (see our link to the difference between physician level products and cosmetic counter or non-physician level products), but we also are “ahead of the curve” providing products which enhance drainage of the extracellular space and systematic removal of toxins.
We offer customized Prevention, Restoration and Renewal Skin Care Packages for each patient who comes into our office.
Xeno Bioforce is one such product, an integral part of Restoration and Renewal – it has the effect of clearing the extracellular space, the space between the cells, of different toxins and pollutants. Many patients have noted increased radiance of the skin and actual fading of sunspots, age spots, and other benign cutaneous tumors such as sebaceous hyperplasia. Other patients have experienced Improvement in their psoriasis and dry skin, and dry cracked heels.