All the benefits of skin tightening with no downtime, no scarring, and no surgery, radiofrequency sounds like a thing of the past but is really the new “wavelength” of the future in dermatology. Although radiofrequency has been used on the skin for over 20 years, it continues to evolve and improve making RF treatments an in-demand option for laxity and crepe-like skin. Radiofrequency therapy is a skin tightening treatment using energy waves to heat the deep layer of skin known as the dermis. Radiofrequency treatments have garnered high praise for a host of skin conditions and can aid in tightening up sagging skin, smoothing cellulite, reducing stretch marks, plumping out wrinkles, decreasing fine lines, and brightening up the skin to look more youthful and rejuvenated. 

Thermal energy warms the deep layers of skin by sending energy waves to wake up skin cells, stimulating collagen and promoting tissue contraction to improve the appearance and quality of the skin. Radiofrequency treatments create “micro-injuries” to cause the skin to improve itself but are considered safe and effective. Treatments can be performed on the face and neck as well as for fat-targeting treatments in the belly and underarms. Radiofrequency is also a treatment option for vaginal rejuvenation. 

There are different types of devices and device modes depending upon the level of treatment you need as well as what issues you are looking to address. While tightening and lifting are great benefits of radiofrequency, RF can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as micro needling for even greater results. Secret RF is a device that combines radiofrequency and micro needling specifically to treat white stretch marks to stimulate regeneration and cell turnover. 

If you are looking to repair the look of your skin with the added benefit of some fat loss and contouring, radiofrequency treatments may be the right option for you. THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology has a variety of skin rejuvenating treatments that can accommodate a range of budgets and aesthetic goals. Your personalized consultation is just a phone call at 602-867-7546 or click away at WEBSITE.