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Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

logoHealing can only be fully accomplished when the extra cellular matrix (ECM) is clarified and draining and the cells are well nourished and hydrated. In order for difficult and/or developing conditions to become accessible for treatment (opening the case) it is vital that the pathways for drainage are open prior to detoxification. Simultaneous to this process a highly functional uptake system must be in place and provided for through the addition of stabilizing nutritional supplementation, bowel and digestion regulation, electrolytes, organ relief, hydration, ionic minerals, etc. The RCCP program (Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways) is designed specifically to accomplish these central functions and assist the pathways of cell signaling and communication in the removal of xenobiotic interferences.

This RCCP program comes complete with all remedies and easy to follow patient instruction booklet, the award winning Detox Solutions book by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald all contained and organized in a professional dispensary box.rccp

Unblocks and Opens the Channels of Drainage to Prepare the Body for Deeper, Safer Detoxification  

All channels for drainage must be open prior to detoxification. This includes the primary “local” glands and organs of elimination e.g. liver, kidney, lung, colon, etc., as well as “systemic” pathways of elimination e.g. ECM (extracellular matrix), lymph, etc.

Both pathways (local and systemic) must be operating in concert with one another to prevent translocation and re-toxification at deeper levels (see BioToxicosis).

Clarifies Nutritional Uptake
A key first step is building a sound foundation. Patients present with multiple complicated problems, and are fundamentally nutritionally deficient in many areas.

Remember: nature abhors a vacuum. If something is going to be taken away, drained or detoxified for example, then something will rush in to take its place. If the drainage channels, both locally and systemically, need to be clearing at the correct levels.

If the patient is deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc., the healing process will be challenged. Without resolution, these factors, in combination with dehydrated and acidic cells, will become an obstacle to cure. Furthermore, the conditions with which the patient initially presented may be recreated or suppressed.

Of course dietary changes, exercise and attitudinal adjustments are integral to the process.

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