Dark Circles Both males and females are frequently bothered by dark circles or deep tear troughs under the eyes. This is one of the most difficult areas to treat, and it also happens to be one of our specialties. We have a comprehensive understanding of how dark circles form
Aging Neck The Aging Neck is one of the most disliked features of aging, bothering both men and women alike. At THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology, we have a number of areas of various options to improve the Aging Neck. The first step is a skin care consultation with one
Acne Scarring Acne scars can make both teenagers and adults self-conscious about their skin. Some acne scars will fade without any type of treatment; however, there are cosmetic methods that can effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars to make your skin look younger and healthier. During an exam,
Mole Removal Moles occur when skin cells grow in a cluster. This type of skin change is not typically cancerous. Moles often begin appearing in childhood and they can appear anywhere on the body or face. Over time, moles can change color, become raised and some even develop hair
Wrinkle Treatment Jimmy Buffet has been quoted as saying, “Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.” If you’ve had a lifetime of smiling and aren’t thrilled with the impressions those smiles are leaving on your face, Dr. Holy has a variety of wrinkle treatment options to rejuvenate
Aging Skin Aging skin is the bread and butter of the dermatologist. Please take our online quiz and email it in and we will return your confidential reply within one week. Response is from Dr. Holy’s Aesthetic Assistant. You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss options as
Chemical Peels A chemical peel works to remove the damaged outer layers of skin through the application of a chemical solution to the face, neck or hands. The chemicals produce a controlled wound that allows softer and more even-toned layers of skin to regenerate. Each chemical peel is tailored