Lasers in dermatology can be used for more than just hair removal. Laser treatments can be used for all sorts of skin conditions including pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, facial wrinkles, scars, sun-damaged skin, acne, rosacea, birthmarks and broken blood vessels. Laser skin resurfacing delivers a supercharged solution to effectively produce better, firmer skin.  

Dermatologists at THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology will work with you to find the best laser treatment option for you. Many patients benefit from repeat procedures or a combination of treatments. While microdermabrasion, micro needling and chemical peels may help you achieve similar results, laser treatments are considered the gold standard for providing dewy, rejuvenated skin faster. Resurfacing laser treatments are categorized as ablative, non-ablative and fractional. These lasers harness the power of heat and light to improve skin imperfections.

Ablative lasers are considered the most powerful because they remove both the dermis, the top layer of skin, and part of the dermis, second layer of skin. Ablative lasers deliver an intense wavelength of light to the skin. The controlled vaporization of skin cells stimulates the growth of collagen, a protein that improves skin firmness and texture. As the epidermis heals and regrows, the treated area appears smoother and tighter. Wrinkles are softened, fine lines fade, sunspots are lightened and the skin looks younger and refreshed.

Non-ablative laser treatments are gentler and far less invasive than the ablative lasers. Non-ablative lasers, also referred to as non-wounding lasers, deliver energy beneath the skin’s surface, deeper into the tissue without destroying it. They work to stimulate collagen production just like ablative lasers but because they do not injure the outer layer of skin, it will take multiple treatments to achieve the same effect. 

Fractional lasers differ in that they deliver heat and light in a pixelated way, meaning that instead of targeting or destroying skin on 100% of the skin, the laser beam is divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of skin at a time, giving patients a medium option between the ablative and non-ablative treatment options. 

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