Whether you have been injured in an accident, undergone surgery or suffer from severe acne, the scars left behind can leave you feeling self-conscious and less able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Scar revision treatments depend on the type of scar, and range from topical creams for mild scarring to grafting in the case of large, traumatic scars.

At The Center for Advanced Dermatology in Phoenix, we offer laser treatments that can improve the appearance of scars and restore your scarred skin to a more natural look. Laser scar revision is a non-invasive method for treating a wide range of scars, offering positive results without pain or downtime.

Laser technology works to decrease the visibility of scars, but without harming the surrounding skin. Unlike surgical procedures, laser scar treatment employs quick pulses of laser light to target sub-layers of your skin. Your body’s natural ability to heal helps remove damaged tissue and replaces it with new collagen and elastin. After treatment, your scars should be less visible, leaving you with smoother and more attractive skin.

Laser scar revision can be performed on various skin types, including patients with very fair or very dark skin. Most patients report minimal discomfort during laser scar revision treatment. Side effects include some swelling and redness where treatment has occurred, but these are temporary conditions that fade after a few days. Some patients may experience itching and blistering. Most patients can return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

If scars from surgery, an accident or acne are troubling you, and you want your skin restored to a more aesthetic appearance, it may be time for you to consider laser scar revision.

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