Excess fat under the chin is a common complaint among patients in Phoenix, affecting people of all ages. Submental (under the chin) fat is commonly called a double chin. It can impact the lines of the neck and jawline, add years to your appearance, and make a person who is trim and fit look older and overweight. At The Center for Advanced Dermatology, we offer a non-invasive treatment to correct this issue.

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure that is capable of eliminating a double chin and dramatically improving one’s appearance. The Kybella treatment is quick, virtually painless and requires little to no recovery time.

Some patients notice post-treatment swelling. This is common and should only last for a short period of time. For most, Kybella swelling will typically peak about 20 to 28 hours after injection and will likely dissipate after 48 hours.

On rare occasions, swelling may last a bit longer, particularly if you receive a larger dosage. Patients with large amounts of fat underneath their chin and sagging skin may experience more significant swelling and for a longer period.

Tips to Reduce Swelling

Although most patients experience swelling for just 48 hours after their treatment, the faster your swelling goes away, the sooner you can see your beautiful results. Here are a few simple tips to help reduce Kybella swelling:

  • Receive small doses of Kybella across multiple treatments. The smaller your dose is, the less swelling you will experience.
  • Don’t massage the treatment area after you receive Kybella. Touching the treatment area can lead to more swelling in some patients. It’s best to leave the area alone to ensure a speedy recovery.
  • Natural supplements such as Arnica and Bromelain may be taken before and after treatment to help reduce discomfort and swelling.

Though you may experience swelling for a short period of time, the long-lasting results of Kybella are definitely worth it. After a few treatments, your double chin should disappear! To learn more about Kybella or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Holy, contact The Center for Advanced Dermatology today at 602-867-7546 or mddermsolutions.com.