Spider veins are tiny varicose veins that appear in the form of thin lines, often in a web-like or tree branch pattern. They develop when one-way valves inside the veins weaken causing blood to flow backward and to accumulate in the vein. The extra blood puts pressure on the walls of the vein causing the walls to bulge creating red, purple, or blue lines that are visible on the legs. Treatment options for spider veins range from at home self-care to minor surgery. To determine the best option for you, visit THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology so our board-certified dermatologists can provide a physical exam to assess your needs and determine which option is not only best but safest for you. A common question we receive from our patients looking for a solution to spider veins is “can lasers be used to treat spider veins?”

While the most common treatment for spider veins is a procedure called sclerotherapy, laser treatment is another effective treatment option. Both options work similarly in that they both cause scarring of the vein to close the vein by preventing blood flow so the body can remove the vein and it will no longer be visible on the skin. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a highly concentrated saline solution directly into the vein. The chemical reaction collapses the vein causing it to scar and disappear gradually over approximately three 3 to six 6 weeks, although larger veins could take longer. Laser treatment involves using a high beam of light to heat and destroy the veins.  It targets the pigment in the blood and warms up the vessel causing the body to reabsorb the vein over the course of four 4 to six 6 weeks. Although either treatment will provide the result you desire, more dermatologists are likely to recommend sclerotherapy over laser treatment. Laser treatment would be best suited for patients with a minimal amount of spider veins and those who are allergic to the chemicals used in sclerotherapy. Advantages of sclerotherapy over laser therapy include hypopigmentation (because laser therapy addresses the pigment changes can be made to surrounding areas of the skin), pain (laser treatment can feel like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin or a burning sensation whereas sclerotherapy is not painful), and number of sessions to achieve elimination of spider veins (laser treatment can require multiple sessions for full effectiveness). 

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