Cosmetic dermatology differs from medical dermatology in that patients are seeking to elevate or improve their aesthetic appearance by reversing the signs of aging versus treating medical conditions that affect the skin. But as we explore the fascinating world of cosmetic dermatology, we’ll uncover innovations in the beauty market that are ever evolving and THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology intends to keep our patients informed of the latest and best options in the industry to get you looking and feeling your best.

The term cosmetic dermatology may bring to one’s mind common methods to rejuvenate and restore the skin’s luminosity, firmness and youthfulness. Botox currently ranks among the top non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments globally. Even with its success and continued demand, cosmetic dermatology has more to offer beyond wrinkles and the benefits of Botox. Exciting recent dermatological discoveries include wrinkle relaxers, injectable moisturizers, deeper laser skin tightening, micro-coring, scar solutions, safer acne solutions, visible collagen boosters and breakthroughs in improving side effects caused by immune deficiencies and other disorders. Cutting edge procedures are poised to revolutionize skincare and powerful treatments necessary for healing, smoothing, tightening and restructuring the skin.

The biggest trends in cosmetic dermatology are providing patients with even greater benefits than ever, including increased comfort, shorter downtime and more natural results. Facial slimming, facial balancing and a medical-grade skincare regimen to promote hydration, brightening and anti-aging effects in between treatments rate as the top advancements in technology and patient requests. Facial slimming includes surgical treatments such as a facelift or buccal fat removal as well as muscle relaxing injections. Facial balancing includes surgical intervention such as rhinoplasty or liposuction or non-surgical options such as dermal fillers injected in the jawline, chin, midface and lips. Quality skincare that includes retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C will help achieve a healthy glow and sustain maintenance in between cosmetic dermatology treatments.

Your unique skin and features will determine how to best serve your needs. THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology invites you to come in for a consultation to discuss what aspects of your skin you would like improved, and we can customize an optimal treatment plan. Book your appointment by calling 602-867-7546 or visit WEBSITE for more information and a list of our services.