Once upon a time…in the land of Phoenix, there lived a beautiful young woman. She had tight, plump, smooth facial skin that reflected her youth. She took these features for granted, expecting them to last forever.

This young woman enjoyed her time outdoors. She loved the sun and she loved her appearance with a bronze tan. She would look into the mirror and see the reflection of the “fairest of them all.”

As the years passed, this woman gained the knowledge that the sun had not been kind to her skin. While she was still a strikingly beautiful woman, she now looked in the mirror and only saw the lines and wrinkles that had become etched on her skin. No amount of makeup could restore the beauty she thought she had lost forever.

Then one day she heard about a doctor who could help restore youthfulness. She immediately called Dr. Holy at The Center for Advanced Dermatology to schedule a consultation. At her appointment she learned about Phoenix BOTOX, dermal fillers and other procedures that have helped thousands of men and women reduce the signs of sun damage in Phoenix and enhance their natural beauty. She and Dr. Holy selected the right procedure for her and the rest, they say, is history.

Today this beautiful woman can look in the mirror and see that she is, indeed, the “fairest of them all…” even though she was always beautiful to those around her.

Find out if an aesthetic procedure will help you live “happily ever after.” Contact Dr. Holy at The Center for Advanced Dermatology to schedule a consultation at 602-867-7546 or mddermsolutions.com.