If almost every woman has cellulite, why does it not look like it? Not every picture, video or real-life encounter is airbrushed. Is it true that almost every woman has cellulite? Cellulite is indeed very common; upwards of 90% of women have some degree of cellulite. Often referred to as “orange peel skin” or the dreaded “cottage cheese thighs” women tend to develop this harmless skin condition known as cellulite that causes lumpy dimples in the skin on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. 

Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of and women everywhere are realizing more and more that their worth is not tied to the flawlessness of their skin. The good news is that the myth that women develop cellulite due to toxicity buildup, bad eating habits and poor lifestyle has been dispelled. Many factors contribute to cellulite beginning with the simple fact that you are a woman. Female hormones play a huge role as estrogen increases the activity of fat cells and stimulates enzymes responsible for fat growth. Men and women have different collagen structures. Combined with weaker connective tissue and larger fat cells, women naturally store the perfect trifecta necessary to create cellulite. Men have a tighter structure of connective tissue that is formed in a crisscross pattern that helps maintain the smoothness of the skin whereas the connective tissue for women is formed in vertical columns allowing for fat to press against or bulge over the columns altering the appearance of the skin. Women also have 3 layers of subcutaneous fat compared to just 1 layer in men. In addition, cellulite for women is attributed to genetics, body fat percentage, decrease in collagen, poor blood circulation and natural aging. 

Almost every woman has cellulite, and it is not something that should affect your day-to-day life. Muscle tone and a healthy diet may help to improve the appearance of cellulite. Treatments that boost collagen production are also beneficial options for addressing cellulite. If cellulite is a true concern, it’s best to contact a board-certified dermatologist to discuss your options as there are several treatments that can help but they require a physician’s intervention. Your body and your goals are as unique as the treatment combinations available to you. 

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