Acne Face MapBreakouts can be hard to figure out, one day your skin is clear and the next it’s a war-zone. Did you know that your acne could be linked to other health issues? According to traditional Eastern Medicine, internal imbalances in our body can show up on our face. These issues can show up in the form of acne, dark circles or rashes. When you are trying product after product and still not achieving clear skin, the truth is, it might be your insides that are causing the problem. Here’s how the ancient Chinese practice of face mapping may help.

Forehead: Forehead zits are affected by your liver and gall bladder. If you’re experiencing forehead breakouts, it’s time to throw out your junk food and fill your fridge with fruits and veggies. You may be eating too much fat, sugar or diary, or your body may not be processing these things like it should in your digestive system.

T-Zone: According to face mapping, breakouts on your t-zone are the result of an unbalanced kidney, stomach or spleen. To get rid of them start hitting the juice bar with friends instead of the actual bar. Eliminating binge-drinking and smoking will do wonders for your skin. Plus, not only will your insides thank you, but you’ll wake up feeling much better than you would after a night on the town.

Nose: Dirty, dilated pores are the most common culprits of nose pimples, but if you wash your face every night and still get awful red bumps, it might be because of your heart. Improve your heart health by lowering your cholesterol and consuming less salt and sodium-based products. You might also want to up your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, so buy more nuts, fish and flaxseed.

Mouth: If blemishes around your mouth are keeping you quieter than usual, your liver and stomach may be to blame. If you’ve been eating too many unhealthy foods or drinking too often, the toxins from those habits start building up and the results aren’t pretty when reflected on your face. Try cleansing your body by cutting down on alcohol and adding alkaline foods such as asparagus, broccoli and potatoes into your daily diet.

Cheeks: Poor respiratory health is a common cause of cheek acne. Smokers or people suffering from allergies will often find that they are more prone to break out in this area. Fresh air and exercise can help keep these areas clear. Another major culprit could be a dirty cell phone screen. Wipe down your phone every night. Avoid caffeine, fatty foods and alcohol. Stop smoking. Fresh air will do wonders for your lungs, so try to make a habit out of morning walks.

Jawline: This area is a hot spot for “hormonal” acne. Women may notice it at certain times of the month, and men may find that their spots wax and wane depending on their testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor about regulating your hormones. For example, you might change birth control pills or take testosterone supplements to improve your body’s internal processes.

These are just a few ways to use a face map to your advantage while treating acne. Keep in mind that this system may only help you discover how to treat your acne more effectively and is not a cure. An acne face map is more effective for occasional acne breakouts and not for severe or consistent breakouts. If you would like to schedule a skin evaluation and discuss your acne or other skin issues, contact Center for Advanced Dermatology in Phoenix at 602-867-7546 or today. Dr. Holy would be happy to help you achieve the clear, beautiful skin you deserve.