Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet

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Theradome™ LH80 PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Laser hair growth treatment, (also known as Laser Phototherapy– LPT), the most powerful and effective treatment for hair loss, is exploding on the market with the introduction of Theradome™. With its world-class advanced laser hair growth technology, the FDA-cleared Theradome™ LH80 PRO is recommended by 4 out of 5 hair loss experts such as Bosley, Hair Club and other prominent medical clinics and high-end salons from all around the world. Multiple clinical trials prove that our powerful Theradome™ helmet is one of the safest and most effective hair loss treatments available.

Effortless and Convenient Hair Growth Treatment

We offer you the scientific brilliance of the Theradome™ laser helmet, which results from decades of laser hair growth technology research conducted by experts. Previously solely available through medical clinics, you can now enjoy the clinical strength results of laser hair growth treatment in the privacy of your own home. The Theradome™ helmet requires no prescription, nor does it involve medication that may trigger harmful side effects with far-less powerful results. Our recommended 20-minute, twice-a-week sessions feature a hands-free and cordless operative technology to ensure hair loss treatments never burden your lifestyle.

Designed to fit your budget, our Theradome™ laser helmet is a one-time, affordable purchase of $895 and is built to last you a lifetime with up to 6,000 hours of laser hair growth treatment time.

  • Coherent Laser Light – Engineered with 80 lasers optimized to stimulate hair follicles without generating heat.
  • Maximum Efficiency and Comfort – Ensures maximum laser hair treatment efficiency by generating less than 1° C of heat during each session.
  • Penetration and Absorption – Achieves optimal scalp penetration of 5MM follicle depth that reaches base of hair follicles for powerful, effective energy absorption.
  • Proven Reliability – Custom-made and tested laser diodes designed to last 6,000 operational hours – equivalent to 18,000 treatments.
  • Maximum Scalp Coverage – Treats all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia for best possible results.
  • Safety and Comfort – Designed for safe and comfortable home treatment, with zero side effects.
  • Optimized Wavelength – Stimulates hair follicles with a clinically proven wavelength of 678 nanometers, specifically effective for hair growth.
  • Cost Effective – Offers lowest cost per laser and highest dosage per hair growth treatment.
  • Proven Clinical Efficacy -LPT Stabilizes Hair Loss, Thickens Hair and Starts New Hair Growth

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